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Tranchina & Mansfield, LLC is a family law practice that assist clients in all matters related to divorce, including interim spousal support and final spousal support determinations.

Spousal Support in Louisiana

Spousal support, previously called alimony in Louisiana, is the legal term for money one spouse or former spouse may be required to pay the other spouse after divorce. While spousal support may be set for life, it is generally awarded for a specific period of time.

To determine the amount and duration of a support award, courts consider the factors listed below:

Spousal Support in Louisiana – Interim Spousal Support

If spouses are in the midst of divorce, a spouse who earns less than his or her spouse may be eligible for interim spousal support, pending the final divorce. Many of the factors are the same as or similar to those determining spousal support after a divorce. The lawyers at Tranchina & Mansfield, LLC can ably assist clients in interim spousal support and final spousal support matters.

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