Representing Metropolitan New Orleans and the Northshore in Family Law

Uncontested Divorce

Many couples are able to resolve their differences without undue acrimony and without professional help. But the process of reducing their agreement to paper and the further step of obtaining a divorce based upon their agreement is more than they are able or willing to undertake. In such a case, the help of an attorney can be sufficient to achieve their goals. This can be an expeditious and cost-effective approach and Tranchina Law can prepare and file all paperwork necessary to obtain an uncontested divorce.

Advanced Negotiations


Where the expectations or desires of the respective parties are too far apart to effect an easy resolution, and where formal mediation is not desired, separate retention of attorneys to engage in negotiations may be called for. Such negotiations need not lead to court, but the attorneys are retained with that possibility in mind.

Settlement Options

Key to a successful negotiation is that the parties understand fully the financial and other perhaps unforeseen consequences of suggested settlement options. The attorneys at Tranchina Law are knowledgeable in working with high-value complex financial affairs and offer clear and common-sense advice to our clients.

Legal Expertise

Tranchina Law is commitment to each client is to protect, support and vigorously advocate on his or her behalf. Their clients know they can count on them to provide the strength, compassion and legal expertise necessary to guide them through one of the most difficult times in their lives.

You Deserve The Best

Most of our attorneys have over 20 years of legal experience

The professional firm of Tranchina Law encompasses all of the expertise and high technology of conglomerate law firms in and around New Orleans.

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